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Customizing Your Site

Your Home Page Sets the Tone

We help business owners create a clear message in an attractive format. 

We can do as much or as little as you need. We can gather your graphics, write your content, manage changes, and even set up an eCommerce store if you sell online. 

sample home page 1.jpg

Count on us to tailor your website to fit your business look and style.


We start with a Home page that tells your customers who you are in pictures, and encourages visitors to check out your site. 

sample home page 2.jpg

Next, we'll enhance your text with graphics and animations.  

Your site needs to tell your story in an interesting way that keeps your customers involved. 

Studies show too much text bores the reader. Breaking it up with pictures and animations will better hold reader interest. 

Christmas Tree Farm
$$  SALE  $$
All trees 25% off through Friday

Angie's Animal Grooming

We can add impact and emphasis through graphics, videos, even animations.

Our extras will tell your story. Specials, discounts, new products, events, and more. 

WebsDesigned4U is here to make your website investment pay off. 

We can even split the screen for unexpected "discoveries".

"Surprise" reveals are a great way to advertise a special discount or service.

(Note: Background Animations are disabled on phone views.)

Our goal is to make your vision come alive on the pages of your custom website, personally created just for you.

Visit some of the websites created by 

Big Serve       MyNevadaMO       Vernon County Republicans        Chamber of Commerce

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