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From an August interview with KNEM/KNMO Radio Regarding the School Board Masking Policy

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This site was originally formed to reverse the mask mandate for the Nevada R5 School District in Missouri.


We have been asked to help other districts fight similar mandates and have made this page available to all as a result. Feel free to use any of our forms, letters, or strategies. We're here to help you, and if you find other avenues that work, contact us and we'll share your info as well. We are all in this together!

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What Can You Do?

NEVER  Underestimate the Power of NOISE!

1. Be Relentless - It's YOUR Child!

2. Be Persistent - Don't Give Up!

3. Attend School Board Meetings - They need to know you're paying attention!

Nevada R5 School District

Request A Change to the Deadline for Submitting Questions to the School Board

Currently, YOUR deadline is FIVE days before the monthly meeting

However, the THEIR deadline to post their agenda is FOUR days before the meeting!

You can NEVER ask a question about the current agenda because your deadline comes BEFORE theirs!

Adam Dean wants to change that....He proposes they simply post their agenda BEFORE our deadline for questions.

If you agree with Adam's idea, please add your name to his letter by clicking the box below and add your name to our growing list.

You are also welcome to attend these meetings. They are open to the public, and we encourage the community to come and make your presence and interest in school board activities known.

Meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month, at 7:00, in the Maxwell Performing Arts center.

Schools Without A Mask Mandate as Of the Opening of School

Belton (+42% 14-day change)

Harrisonville (+42% 14-day change)

Raymore (+42% 14-day change)

Oak Grove

Webb City (-12% 14-day change)

Joplin (-12% 14-day change)

Carl Junction (-12% 14-day change)

Lamar (+13% 14-day change)

Bronaugh (+20% 14-day change)

Rich Hill (+53% 14-day change)

Jasper (-12% 14-day change)

NEVC (+20% 14-day change)

Sheldon (+20% 14-day change)

Liberal (+13% 14-day change)

Diamond (-33% 14-day change)

El Dorado Springs (+5% 14-day change)

Butler (+53% 14-day change)


Adam's Letter


Learn about paying your school taxes under protest. This is a TEMPORARY slowing down of disbursement at best, and does create a lot of extra work for our County Collector. Click HERE for info.


Print a request to speak form for upcoming school board meetings. Click HERE

(Not every school board requires you to submit questions in advance, but if yours does, and does not supply a form, here is a suggested one.)


Medical and Parental Exemption Forms from the Health Department. You may want to check with your own local agency to see if any other forms are availabl


If you are using these for mask exemptions, we suggest you put the following on your form.

1. Check "other"

2. Write: Adverse health effects from prolonged wearing of masks

We suggest you combine this exemption with the letter in box #4 which proclaims your legal rights. 


Send a letter to the Board of Education (BOE). Our document covers your legal rights to resist putting a mask on your child. Provides legal arguments with referenced material. Fill in the blanks with your school district's name, your student's name, and your name and contact information.  Click HERE


Articles, Letters, Graphs, Etc

Feel free to use any of these, change the author to the person of your choice, and send them to your school board, superintendent, etc.

A. School Districts in the area with Mask OPTIONAL

This is a printable list of the surrounding school districts who have made masks optional, as of 8/19/21

Click HERE

B. CO2 Dangers

An article on the harmful effects of inhaled CO2

Click HERE

C. Letter from a Local Doc on Mask Issues

A letter from a local pediatrician on the harmful effects of masking children: Click HERE

D. School Boards Duties and Responsibilities article on school boards and their function: Click HERE

E. Mayo Clinic Info on Covid 19

Mayo Clinic article, “COVID-19 (coronavirus) in babies and children”: Click HERE

F. AMA Info on Why Masks are Bad for Kids

The Federalist, “AMA Journal: Masks Are Bad For Your Kids. Quit Forcing Them To Wear Them”: Click HERE

G. Danish Study on Worthlessness of Masks

FFE article, “New Danish Study Finds Masks Don’t Protect Wearers From COVID Infection”: Click HERE

Eric Schmitt files class action suit against schools ordering mask mandate.png
Eric Schmitt files suit against Jackson Cty - mask mandate.png
Eric Schmitt prevails against ST Louis County - mask mandate.png

H. Letter to Our School Board & Superintendent

This letter went to our superintendent, and all members of the school board who initially voted to implement a mask mandate. Feel free to use it as a guide in developing your own correspondence.  Click HERE

I. Covid Deaths in Children

This graph shows deaths from covid are statistically ZERO from birth to 15 years. From 15 to 24, the rate goes to .1% (that's .001). Click HERE for the chart.

(You can also do a print screen of the annotated one below, paste it into Window's Paint program, crop it and print it.)

Deaths from Covid by age.jpg

J. The Wentworth Report.

Easy to understand information that explains why vaccinated people are getting covid, and what it means for the rest of us. Click HERE

OSHA Guildelines say Employers who mandate the vaccine are responsible for any adverse reactions. To read the full report, click HERE



If you are emailing Board members, these are good to include.

Dr. Byram Bridle - Discussing Why Masks DON'T Work

This is one to share with your schools. Mr. Petty is a forensic environmental expert. His industry must approve new hospitals, for instance. They deal in air quality and how to handle problems. He discusses the two ways to defeat the virus, and one of those ways is to zap it as the air circulates through HVAC systems. Cost effective and doable. Share with your administrators.

The Incomparable Matt Walsh

Dr. Ryan Cole

Mayo Trained in a bunch of stuff!

Discussing issues with the vaccine & the alarming number of deaths.

11,000 deaths and FINALLY the FIRST autopsy!

"Where's the funding for science?"

Dr. Dan Stock

This is an alarming video, based on the dire effects of a shot which modifies the mRNA in your genetic code....and keeps on doing it.

Because we all have loved ones who have opted for the shot, we hope the dire warning in this video proves to be incorrect. It does point out that before you rush to take this jab, you should THINK!

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